Restore Muscle Content & Your Fitness Level

Take this short 4 question quiz to see how ready you are to follow through with restoring the muscle content in your body and your fitness level.

How fit do you feel you need to be?

  • A. Just enough so I don't get tired walking up stairs.
  •  B. Be able to walk briskly without puffing.
  • C. Be able to jog for a good mile without breaking a sweat.
  • D. To a point where if I chose to I could run a marathon.

Have you tried to keep fit or working on your muscle content before?

  • A. Yes. I've thought about it a lot.
  • B. Yes. Well I did have a gym membership.
  • C. Yes. I have taken supplements and do try to keep my fitness up.
  • D. Yes. I jog on occasions with some weights at home that I sometimes use and have looked into workout courses.

If given a guaranteed fitness solution would you use it?

  • A. Yes. Depending what is involved.
  • B. Yes. I'll try anything one.
  • C. Yes. I've been wanting to get started.
  • D. Yes. I'll do whatever it takes.

How ready are you to start becoming fitter and healthier?

  • A. I'm ready and I'll get started as soon as I get time.
  • B. I'm ready, but I just don't know what to do or where to start.
  • C. I'm ready and needed to start yesterday.
  • D. I'm ready and I've already started.

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